It was aboard the original Elettra boat that the italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi explored short-wave radio and radar, perfecting the process he used in 1901 when he sent the first Morse Code letter, a faint “S”, across the Atlantic Ocean. (The S traveled from England to Newfoundland, and took three days to arrive).

We are always searching for talented people, students and postdocs.
We therefore encourage to send us a curriculum vitae, together with a presentation letter and/or a research proposal. We can offer various contract formats, and also the chance to start a PhD project in collaboration with the University of Nova Gorica (SLO).

Where we are

Trieste, a city of science and knowledge.

Thirty research and advanced training centres, over 4,000 resident foreign researchers from all over the world, 37 people employed in the research sector for every 1,000 inhabitants: these are some of the most significant numbers underpinning the definition of Trieste as a “city of science and knowledge”.

Trieste, a Mitteleuropean city at heart, overlooking the sea and backed up against the Karst plateau, is also a city of culture and literature, of nature and leisure time, a crossroads of different flavours, histories, and peoples since time immemorial. “The only place – wrote James Joyce, who spent over fifteen years here in the early 20th century – where I could ever write”.

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