Protein Production

Collaboration with “Elettra Sincrotrone” (Trieste, Italy).

Protein production

Ulisse BioMed produces high purity proteins that are used on their own biosensors.

Human Papillomavirus Pseudovirions and VLPs production

We produce high purity Human Papillomavirus Type 16/18 L1 Virus-Like Particles and Pseudovirions in eukaryotic cells.
Our experience in the field allows to obtain particles suitable for lab electrochemical immunosensor, immunoassays or animal immunization.

Isolation and characterization of yeast strains

We have an international experience in isolating, characterizing and modifying yeast strains of interest, for biomedical, biotechnological and food applications.


  • IF WE FAIL WE GIVE YOU MONEY BACK. We are sharing your risk.
  • PURITY: Ulisse BioMed customizes each protocol in order to achieve high purity.
  • PARTICULAR FEATURES: Does the protein contain the post-translational modifications and features you require? Is your protein correclty folded? We can also perform quality tests for you (cristallography, mass spectrometry and other functional assays). A high quality molecular manufacturing is guaranteed.

Customize your proteins to your specifications, including quantity, purity, tags, tag removal and endotoxin controls.

Protein quantity and purity are guaranteed. No Protein, No Charge!

From optimization, gene synthesis & subcloning, protein expression to antibody production if required.

Highly competitive prices! Show us the best quote you have got, we’ll try to reach the best offer without ever sacrificing the quality.


DH5alphaM15JM109BL21-GoldXL1-BlueOtherS. cerevisiaeS. pombeP. pastorisHumanized yeast strainOtherHeLAHEK293CaSkiCHOOtherSf9Sf21Other

Custom proteinProduct Catalogue
HPVs E6HPVs E7HPVs E4HPVs L1HPVs L2Human Annexin VHuman FGFMurine FGFHuman IL-15Human Rad-52Human SET8Human ERI1Human SurvivinHIV-1 p24TEV proteaseT. gondii SAG1T. gondii GRA1T. gondii GRA7

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