Sagitta is a molecular diagnostic (MD) technology platform based on Real Time PCR inclusive of native multiplexing, capable of detecting and characterizing viral, bacterial and eukaryotic nucleic acids, even starting directly from non-purified biological samples.

Real Time PCR-based molecular assays represent the gold standard for most clinical laboratories around the world, thanks to their performance in terms of specificity, sensitivity and easy of use.

Through Sagitta platform, Ulisse BioMed offers affordable and reliable kits for the detection of a variety of pathogens.

PCR tests: the gold standard of molecular diagnostics

From conventional Real Time PCR to Reverse-Transcription, PCR is an indispensable tool for a growing number of applications.
The intrinsic properties of PCR tests, such as first of all the extreme accuracy, economy and usability, have allowed this technology to become the essential and predominant pillar in all molecular laboratories. In recent years, PCR-based technological platforms have further evolved, expanding their application and use to other disciplines and sectors, and expanding the number of organisms, pathogens or diseases that could be detected with PCR.
Multiplex PCR-based tests allow the simultaneous detection of multiple targets from a single sample; generally up to 5-6 targets per well are detectable and distinguishable in most Real Time PCR tests (depending on the fluorescent channels available in the PCR instrument used).

SAGITTA: the advantages of an innovative approach to a consolidated technology

SAGITTA represents a sophisticated and innovative approach to PCR that offers a high degree of multiplexing that can also be performed starting PCR amplification directly from briefly pre-treated raw samples, allowing up to 20 different targets to be detected and differentiated in a single well.

SAGITTA overcomes the current limitations of the most common tests on the market, such as the high cost and limited multiplex capability (for PCR tests based on the use of probes) and low specificity (for PCR tests based on DNA intercalators), offering highly multiplexed analysis while delivering unbeatable accuracy.

The melting curve analysis, readable through a single fluorescence channel by the most common PCR instruments, generates distinctive melting temperatures for each single target present in the sample. This allows SAGITTA to detect up to 20 target analyzes, without losing specificity precisely because each fingerprint is unique and distinguishable.

Not only SAGITTA is highly informative, but also the analysis workflow is faster: the diagnostic analysis can be carried out directly without any pre-analytic steps aimed to perform DNA/RNA extraction and purification, thus saving time and money . This occurs through the use of a specific reagent developed by Ulisse BioMed called Ulisse Faster.

SAGITTA: Hype on the Genotype

Ulisse BioMed has already developed a PCR-based test panel capable of detecting the widest range of human papillomaviruses, as well as tests for other sexually transmitted pathogens and tests for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and its variants. SARS-CoV-2 variant assay has been exclusively licensed to Menarini Diagnostics.

Ulisse BioMed is developing further tests including respiratory viral panel, sexually transmitted diseases, infectious diseases and molecular oncology.

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